How to open a file with .AGX extension?

File Type : Rational XDE (IBM)
Compatible with (Win10, Win8, Win7, Vista and WinXP)

You'll need a new app to open this .AGX file

Searching for the right program to open .AGX files?

"You'll need a new app to open this file" is probably the most common error faced by millions of Windows users every day. This is either because the program required to open a file is not available on your system or there may be other issues.


What is .AGX file extension?

Game file used by Adventure Game Toolkit (AGT) interpreters such as AGiliTy; contains a game where you navigate through a story by typing commands; similar to .ZLB and .BLB Interactive Fiction (IF) game files. AGT games are packaged with a variety of file extensions, such as .INS, .TTL, and DA1, that provide certain functions for the game. These files can be converted into a single AGX file with the AGT2AGX utility that comes with AGiliTy. This conversion reduces clutter, decreases load time, and increases portability.
You can see a list of software programs here on www.easyfileopener.org that can open this file type so that you don’t need to search for it on the web. You can then open your file with this extension using a software listed below.

Software that can be used to open AGXfiles:

  • AGiliTy
  • Spatterlight
  • AGiliTy